What you Need for Optimal Health – Boost Your Immunity to Stay Healthier

What is Optimal Health: There are basically four sciences for optimal health and wellness that includes (1) the immune system; (2) the endocrine system; (3) the protector nutrients such as phytochemicals and antioxidants; (4) complete and balanced vitamin/mineral nutrition. This “systems” approach to health embraces the concept of strengthening the “terrain” of the body so […]

Digitalis Drug – History, Toxicology, Uses and Side Effects

Scientific Name(S): Digitalis purpurea L.; D. lanata Ehrh. Family: Scrophulariaceae, the figwort family. Related species that have found some use in traditional medicine include D. lutea (straw foxglove), D. grandiflora and D. ambigua (yellow foxglove), and D. ferriginea (rusty foxglove). Common Name(S): Foxglove, purple foxglove, throatwort, fairy finger, fairy cap, lady’s thimble, scotch mercury, lion’s mouth, witch’s […]

Total Prenatal Nutrition – Eating Tips, Essential Vitamins, and Foods to Avoid

When a woman is pregnant, proper prenatal nutrition is essential. It is important for expecting mothers to carefully choose their foods. Understandably, pregnancy and food cravings are a packaged deal. Many women unknowing consume excessive amounts of foods that will not benefit their baby. Additionally, other women fall prey to common pregnancy misconceptions that result […]

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