P90x3 Workout Schedule

P90x3 Workout Schedule – Pros and Cons – Is v3.0 Worth the Upgrade?

Beachbody is well-known for its most challenging home workout programs. For the past few years, they have released a number of programs, including P90X, P90X2, Insanity, Insanity Asylum, and T25, which have grown tremendously popular and established the company as a leader in the fitness industry. A few years back, Beachbody released its program – P90x3. In our P90x3 workout schedule, we see whether this third version of the popular P90x series is worth the upgrade.

If you loved Tony Horton’s grueling P90X workout program, then this series will not disappoint. This system has grabbed the attention of several fitness enthusiasts owing to its grueling, but effective guides. The third installment series encompasses more intense and demanding workout routines than the previous series, but the best part is that it only demands 30 minutes of your time per day.

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Details About the P90X3 Workout Program

Tony Horton designed this system to help users shred their bodies and get themselves in great shape in just 90 days. Tony worked on the program for over a year before he released it in December 2013. He split the program into three kits; Basic, Deluxe, and the Ultimate kit. The Basic kit comes at a price of $139.80, with 16 workout DVDs, a nutrition guide, a fitness guide, a 90-day wall calendar, an intro DVD, branded stickers, and 24/7 email and chat support.

The Deluxe package is priced at $239.70 and comes with everything included in the basic kit with one month supply of E and E-Energy and Endurance Pre Workout Formula plus extra workout blocks.

The Ultimate kit comes with a price tag of $329.55 along with a month’s supply of P90X Results and Recovery Formula workout drink, chin-up max, chin-up bar with everything included in the Deluxe kit.

The system requires no special equipment though Tony recommends investing in a pair of cross-trainer shoes instead of the regular running shoes. In the 30 minutes of the workout regime, there are two minutes for a warm-up session and the remaining time includes fast-paced exercises.

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What’s Included In the Program Schedule of P90X3 Workout ?

This system series is available in the aforementioned three options. As expected, the prices are different and come with the following:

The P90X Base kit: at $139.80, you get:

  • 16 workouts on eight DVDs
  • Standard 90-day workout calendar
  • Intro DVD
  • Nutrition guide
  • Fitness guide
  • P90X one-on-one- on one leg DVD and
  • A free online support

P90X Ultimate kit

  • 16 workouts on eight DVDs and 3 Elite Extreme workouts o an extra DVD
  • Standard 90-day calendar and the Elite Block calendar
  • Intro DVD
  • Nutrition and fitness guides
  • Free online support
  • 3 B Lines resistance bands
  • P90X one-on-one- on one leg DVD
  • P90x chin-up bar and a jump mat from Beachbody and
  • A one month E and supplements tub

P90X Ultimate pack

This comes with the basic and ultimate items included in addition to a 30-day supply of Beachbody’s Shakeology and a 30-day VIP team Shakeology team membership.

P90X3 Workout Schedule

Most workouts of this system are 30 minutes long, with about 3 minutes for relaxation and cooling down at the end. The Ab Ripper is the only exception as it takes 15 minutes in length. Tony designed these workouts to be completed in 3 blocks, with each lasting between 4-5 weeks. The first two blocks last 4 weeks while the last block are 5 weeks.

You can also follow the Elite Block calendar if you want to continue past the first 90-day period and add 4 more weeks to your program. However, you will have to purchase the Ultimate or Deluxe P90X3 kit because the Elite block has three more workouts not encompassed in the Base package.

Additionally, the program offers block schedules that are designed to meet specific fitness goals. These options include:

  • Classic: P90x3 workout schedule classic – The classic program has a variety of workouts spread out through the 90-day period. This aims to give you a whole body workout while also balancing between cardio, strength and conditioning.
  • Lean: P90x3 workout schedule lean – If you are looking to lean out your physique and burn more fat, then this workout schedule is designed for you. It focuses on cardio aspects of the program while also emphasizing the workout videos that will help you achieve your goals.
  • Doubles: P90x3 workout schedule doubles – Simply, this means turning a 30-minute workout to an hour’s workout doubles the workout in a day. If you feel that the 30 minute session is not enough, then you can follow the Doubles schedule and engage in two workouts per day instead of one.
  • Mass: P90x3 workout schedule mass This program schedule is new to the P90X series. It is geared towards those who want to increase muscle mass and gain more on strength and training exercises. The schedule focuses on strength portion of the series and also puts on weight. With this schedule, you should plan to gain weight in order to increase your muscles.

Pros and Cons of P90x3


  • One of the biggest merits of this program is that it requires only 30 minutes of your time per day. This is very beneficial especially for those who are engaged in tight schedules and are busy throughout the day.
  • The fitness and nutrition guides included in the program can help you sort out what you are supposed to eat and when to get the maximum benefit from the workout plan.
  • It gives you flexibility to adjust to a 60-minute per day workout for 120 days instead of 30 minutes per day. This is useful for first timers who find the system vigorous and intense and want to start at a slower pace.
  • The program also allows you the convenience of working out at home as you don’t have o enroll in a gym or even hire a fitness trainer. Moreover, you have the freedom to adjust your regimes as per your own convenience.


  • The first limitation is that you may not be able to see results immediately. Many users have found that though the system is effective, it takes some time for desired results to be seen. Therefore, patience and discipline are a requirement during the first month.
  • Secondly, the program can be quite costly compared to other at-home workout programs.

Customer Reviews

“Just finished my one week of mass schedule program and very much pleased. I never thought I would sweat this much or get sore with just 30 minutes of workout day, but I now end my workouts drenched. Can’t wait to start week four, (it looks pretty harder)”. (Write4it, St. Louis).

“My first review was based entirely on the first week, but now I am nearing the end of the program I wanted to express my general feeling about it. Let me first say that I’m very pleased and couldn’t be happier. The program has delivered on each and every of its promise. I was in a decent shape when starting but the P90X has put me in the best shape ever! My fat percentage has dropped, and I’m seeing muscle definition where I never saw before! 4.7*/5 for me. Thumbs UP!” (Billyb, Amazon).

How to Buy

P90X is available for sale at Amazon.com. If you want to achieve a great physique and the body you’ve always desired, then this program can deliver incredible results.

It is worth trying for people looking to get in shape and improve their workout routines. The program has a wide variety of workouts that target the whole boy with strength training and cardiovascular exercises all-inclusive. The videos are fast-paced so they are challenging enough to be an alternative to gym workouts.

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