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Focus T25 Workout Review – Is 25 Minutes Really Enough?

Interested in getting in shape without working out for hours a day at the gym? Our Focus T25 Workout review will investigate if it’s possible. Beachbody claims that their Focus T25 workout will allow you to get into great shape in just 25 minutes a day. It is based on a simple secret: focus. The workout, whose designer is Shaun Thompson (he is the same person who designed the INSANITY workout program), concentrates on specific body parts and muscles to offer you an intense workout while not requiring you to spend many hours at the gym.

These workouts are not only fast-paced but also packed with dynamic and high-intensity moves that allow for optimum effectiveness and efficiency. Despite the fact that it lasts only 25 minutes a day, you can expect Focus T25 to offer you the same effects as you may get from an exercise lasting one hour. In this article, we give you an honest and unbiased Focus T25 Workout review. Read on to find out.

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How the Focus T25 Workout Program Works

The idea of having only 25 minutes of workout a day may not seem sufficient for someone to increase their fitness levels but studies show that what matters really is not the time but the intensity of the workout. Thus, you can burn the same amount of fat in around 30 minutes as someone working out for 60 minutes.

With T25, this level of intensity is brought to the masses. The reason it is called Focus is due to the fact that it concentrates only on the moves that you require to build muscles and burn fat while cutting out distractions and less effective movements.

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This program is designed to work for 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Therefore, you will work out from Monday through Friday and check your progress on Saturday. Come Sunday, you will perform some stretching as you prepare for more intense workouts that await you on Monday. It is divided into 2 phases: Alpha and Beta, as well as an optional third phase called Gamma.

Alpha Phase (First Month)

This is the first month of workouts and it builds a good foundation to enable you to take your body to the next fitness level. The alpha cycle is composed of the following:

  • Cardio: this burns significant calories as you exercise during your cardio workout
  • Speed 1.0: these are fast-paced exercises that are meant to allow you burn extra fat and get fast results
  • Total Body circuit: bypasses weights but still builds strength with resistance
  • Ab Intervals: a mixture of cardio and ab intervals to burn fat from your abs.
  • Lower focus: working on muscles found on your lower body enables you to rev up your metabolism as well as shed the fat

Beta Phase (Second Month)

After one month of building up your fitness foundation, the next thing is to take your body and fitness to a new level by using new dynamic moves.

The best part is that every workout concentrates on your core in order to build a much stronger midsection. It consists of the following:

  • Core cardio: this is a workout that focuses on cardio to ensure that you get toned fast.
  • Speed 2.0: Speed drills here concentrate on the core so as to burn major calories and rev up the pace.
  • Rip’t circuit: just like the name suggests, expect to be literally ripped in under 30 minutes by working on upper body, cardio, abs and legs.
  • Dynamic core: these workouts demand that you alternate between horizontal and vertical exercises
  • Upper focus: the workout gives you the stronger upper body that you want
Focus T25 results

What you can expect from Focus T25?

Focus T25 Base Kit includes everything you require to build muscle and burn fat more quickly. The following are things that you can expect when you order a Focus T25 Base Kit.

  • 9 DVDs: intense workouts also include low-impact modifiers and on-screen timer.
  • Alpha-Beta Workout Calendar: the calendars help you stay on track with no guess work.
  • Nutrition Guide: with this guide, eating healthy is a breeze.
  • Quick-Start Guide: the guide helps you work out in no time, helping you get the best results.
  • Stretch Workout: Monday to Friday are work days while the sixth day is for stretching.

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  • Excellent for beginners: this is a great program for any person even if they have not been active for years.
  • Perfect to get in shape: If your main intention is to simply get back into fitness, you will find T25 an excellent way to get back to shape. T25 workout is also perfect for you if you do not have sufficient time to work out.


  • Slightly expensive food: there are users who complain that the meal plan is a bit on the higher side of the price range. It might be better for some to do the exercises but adapt the meal plan to use more budget-friendly meals.

Where Can I Purchase Focus T25 Workout Program?

In order to receive the DVDs, accessories as well as all bonus features, we recommend purchasing Focus T25 from Amazon consistently has one of the best prices for the workout package, and they have an excellent hassle-free return policy and free shipping.


If you are committed to workouts, you can expect to see changes in just weeks. Even better is the fact that you will incorporate a fresh lifestyle that includes exercise and healthy eating that will be beneficial for you for a long time. You also get to save some bucks by skipping deluxe packages, while getting the full benefits of the Focus T25 workout program.

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