Body Beast Workout Review

Body Beast Workout Review – A Different Kind of Beachbody

There are multiple home workout programs on the market today, designed to help you lose weight and shrink your body. The fitness market has, however, not seen many fitness programs that are geared towards building lean muscles and adding weight. Most men are looking to add weight and bulk up. The choice for programs that can help men meet their goals is slim, even so, very few of these are created to achieve the desired results. Nevertheless, Beachbody has created a handful of workout programs with men’s fitness goals put into consideration. Body Beast Workout is a muscle-building workout program designed to boost muscle growth or hypertrophy in a session of 30 to 50 minutes. It is designed to bulk you up, no matter how hard you typically gain muscle. The program is the brainchild of Sagi Kalev, a long-time bodybuilding coach, and an ex-Mr. Israel. Kalev designed the program combining school techniques and modern building methods for the best results.

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For a long time, Beachbody, the creators of P90x, has been a household name in the health and fitness industry due to its provision of intensive and hardcore workout programs. Here is a full Body Beast Workout review.

What is Included in the Body Beast Workout Program?

Basically, the system comes in different packages: basic, base, huge, and beast packages. The basic package includes 12 workouts on seven DVDs, the Body Beast Book, and a mobile application. Body Beast Base package costs about $89.95 with shipping and handling included, while the Huge package comes with everything, including the base package and a 30-day supply of Hardcore base shake, Fuel Shot, and bonus DVD with two tempos workouts. The package, however, costs $270.70, inclusive of shipping and handling. The Body Beast Beast is the highest and the most comprehensive package. The package comes in a huge package and a 30-day supply of MAX Creatine and a 30-day supply of Super Suma. It comes in at a cost of $254.70 including shipping and handling.

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Body Beast Workouts

The workouts vary and are separated into three blocks called the Build, Bulk, and Beast. Build workouts vary from 30 to 50 minutes, while the Bulk workouts are a bit shorter, lasting for 30 minutes or less. The first block helps in building a foundation for the entire program. You need to calculate daily caloric intake first before starting the program.

The Bulk block can last for three weeks during its first phase, with six days of working out in a week. There are four workouts in this phase including cardio routines for two days only. The second phase of Bulk is six weeks long comprising of five workouts.

The final Beast phase is three weeks long, targeting the entire body, and brings back cardiovascular workouts. During this phase, you reduce food and calorie intake as you consume and increase proteins.

Body Beast Workout Schedule

Like many other programs, you need to keep track of the results to ensure that you are improving. Because your aim is to increase hypertrophy and gain muscle growth, the developers of this system have simplified your work by providing workout sheets and schedules to help you track your progress.

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Nutrition and Diet Plan

As with all Beachbody programs, the program comes with a comprehensive nutrition and diet plan. It contains amazing recipes that are easy to make, an essential part of any meal you plan to follow. The diet changes depending on the block you are in, and allows you to consume a certain amount of calories throughout the program. The diet suggests staples like lean proteins, non-fat Greek yogurt, and whole-grain bread and plain. Moreover, you should try to drink a protein shake every day, preferably one recommended by Beachbody.

Beast Body Mobile App

This app can be accessed for free when you purchase any package of the system. Access information will be sent via email after ordering the program. The app helps you take the workout program everywhere you go. You don’t have to carry the calendar or nutrition program with you as you can easily access it anytime on the app. It also features workouts and results, a calorie calculator, and recipes, among several other necessities.

Advantages and Limitations of Body Beast


No matter how great a program is, there are a few limitations. The Body Beast program has the following advantages and limitations.

  • One of the biggest advantage is that it allows advanced users access to intensive workouts that are very challenging aside from the normal muscle building routine.
  • Developed by Sagi Kalev, a bodybuilder who’s been in the industry for several years.
  • The program is geared to all levels, including beginner, intermediate and advanced weight trainers.
  • It is a 100% natural program of professional bodybuilders, and
  • Comes has a complete nutritional guide with supplements to maximize muscle gain naturally.


  • The program requires the use of equipment
  • The price is relatively high, preventing others from trying it.
  • The program is also more attuned to males instead of women because most workouts are bit demanding and require more than average stamina and strength.
  • It is not recommended if you are interested in losing weight – the program is primarily focused on bulking you up.

Customer Reviews

“I am really pleased with how I completed my program. It is definitely a big step up in resistance workouts but because it integrates all exercises necessary for bulking up. I highly recommend it to anyone to take up the program an BEST UP!” (superdave, CA)

“This is a great program that delivers what it promises- muscle growth and increased strength. It is overall a great program and I think anyone can put on a few pounds of muscles after the program and the meal plan. The workouts are awesome, they require a bit too much equipment though in my opinion. A solid 3.5*/5 considering everything”. (DapperDave, Amazon)

The Bottom Line

The Body Beast workout program is a fantastic program to focus on hypertrophy and has an excellent nutrition plan as well as a supplement plan to help muscles grow naturally. The program can be ordered from at a relatively low price that includes free shipping and handling.

The program is for those who want an aggressive training routine. It can help you improve your routine by mixing it up and adding several unique workouts. You should be pleased with how your muscles feel afterward.

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