Physical Fitness Philosophy

Physical Fitness Philosophy – Smart Fitness Plan

It is crucial to first develop the proper Physical Fitness Philosophy in your mind before you can realize your fitness goals. I believe physical fitness is a simple concept that has been over-complicated in our society. It is possible to exercise at home with home gym equipment or little to no equipment and still see some impressive results in your body.

I strive to follow a smart exercise plan which balances weights and cardio, backed with a sound diet. Going to extremes in your workout or diet to achieve fast results will only lead to burnout and you will most likely eventually give up. Changing your body is a gradual process that is accomplished over time through consistent, focused effort. Developing a program you can follow in the long run will pay off much more than trying to change your body overnight and is also much safer.

Physical Fitness Philosophy

Nutrition and Supplements

A proper training program must consider the health implications involved with reaching your goals. Your first goal should always be to improve your health before your appearance; this is the cornerstone of a good physical fitness philosophy. You may have seen or heard of people who have lost dozens of pounds in a matter of weeks, however that does not mean that these people are following a healthy lifestyle. The same goes for gaining weight and building muscle mass. It should go without saying that steroids are not part of a healthy lifestyle.

People often begin to rely on supplements as well in order to achieve their desired physique. It is important to remember that supplements alone will not allow you to reach your goals; they are simply a way of backing up the hard work you are completing in your workouts. The bottom line is that you cannot substitute eating clean, healthy foods for supplements; the two must complement each other. This way, you will be supplying your body with much-needed nutrients on a regular basis and you will also be able to fill in the gaps of your diet through supplements. It is difficult to take in all of your required daily nutrients with limited time and resources in the kitchen- this is where supplements should come in.

Training at the Gym

This website is designed to provide assistance in creating a physical fitness program you can stick to without needing large amounts of time and money. I have never been interested in purchasing costly gym memberships because of these two requirements. Whether you perform an exercise at home or in the gym, your muscles will be worked in the exact same way and will respond no differently.

It is much more comfortable to workout at home on your own time rather than setting aside a specific time slot to go to the gym to workout. When you factor in driving time to and from the gym and time spent waiting to use machines, it may take you nearly two hours or more to perform the same 45-minute routine you could complete at home. The extra time needed for a gym workout can easily distract a person from continuing their exercise program, forgetting that there are alternatives. The best way to go is to invest in some affordable, good-quality exercise equipment that you will be able to use at home regularly.

Personal Trainers

More and more people nowadays feel that they need the services of a personal trainer to assist them in achieving their fitness goals. This often seems like the best option for those who are just beginning and require some direction. An exercise program, when it comes down to it, must ultimately be performed by you. A personal trainer may be able to create a workout routine for you, but it will be up to you to follow it. There are no big secrets surrounding weight loss or gaining muscle that only a trainer can provide you with.

Fitness is a simple concept that really only requires proper motivation. There are several “experts” out there who claim to know all of the secrets about getting fit and strong and will reveal this information to you at a certain price. The real information you need to start an exercise program can easily be obtained for free with a little research and the resources on this website. Unless you are a highly trained athlete looking to take your workouts to the next level, there is no real value in hiring a personal trainer when you can easily design and follow an effective physical fitness philosophy program on your own.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the key principles that make up my physical fitness philosophy. Overall, you must realize that the fitness industry is like almost any other business in that the goal is to make money. The intention of most trainers nowadays is to land a sponsorship deal and promote products, since that is where the money is. The only way you can go wrong when exercising is by trying to do things too fast.

Why do people buy fat-loss supplements and useless ab machines? Because they want results immediately. Unfortunately, this just does not work. Like anything in life, it takes time to reach your fitness goals. If you do remain consistent with your workouts, however, you will be much better off than if you try and force results out of your body is too short of time.

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