best chest exercises for mass

Best Chest Exercises for Mass – The Ultimate Chest Workout

One of my favorite body parts to train is my chest, I don’t really know why it is but it just is…and for some reason, it seems 3 quarters of my gym love to train chest on Mondays! So for that reason, I tend to try to stay away from doing it on Mondays so that I’m not waiting around pestering people with the “You got many sets left on their mate” speech. So to try to offer you guys something worth reading and in an attempt to give you something to read that will get you to come back here every now and again I wanted to post a top list of my best chest exercises for mass which just so happen to make up my ‘normal’ chest weights sessions.

Of course, I like to mix it all up every now and then and change 1-2 of the exercises for some other quirky ones I’ve seen all the fitness freaks on YouTube doing to keep my body guessing but stick to these 5 my best chest exercises for mass and you’ll be heading in the right direction.

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I break my chest down into 3 parts, they’re the normal flat exercises, incline exercises that target the upper chest, and really get “that line” popping out when your wearing a v-neck t-shirt and then chuck in a hint of decline exercises to square the lower chest off because no one likes a guy who looks like he’s got moobs (tits)

Best Chest Exercises for Mass

Flat Bench Press

best chest exercises for men

Been around since man started lifting weights I think this one and probably the most common known best chest building exercises known by people who don’t even workout! The good old trusty flat bench press!

For me this isn’t about sticking on as much weight as you possibly can and doing 6-8 shit reps, then jump off the bench and walk around the machine with my pecs tensed, I’m a big believer in form… “Don’t count the reps, make the reps count!”

So put on weight you feel comfortable with which allows you to take the bar ALL THE WAY DOWN to your chest and then explode back up as fast as you possibly can whilst breathing out.

On the way back down, don’t just let gravity do its thing and allow the bar to fall back down you want to be trying to control the decline, doing it this way is still actually working your chest muscles, and also remember to make sure to suck in some air at this point so that you have some to breath out when you explode back up again!

Incline Dumbbell Press – Best Dumbbell Chest Exercise

Best Dumbbell Chest Exercise

OK, so there are many exercises you can do for the incline stuff and some of the other popular ones are the incline barbell and incline smith machine which is both great however I like to get dumbbells into my routine as much as I can because they’re two of those bad boys working one arm each your body is working that little bit harder because it needs to make sure they’re both stabilized.

Again same as above picking a weight your comfortable with trying to rep out a minimum of 8-10 reps exploding on the way up as fast as you can then carefully controlling them both on the way back down.

This is one of the best upper chest exercises. If you’re feeling like an absolute beast just throwing the weights about for fun like Mr. Universe tries adding a superset to these. After you’ve done your 8-10 reps, straight after (no resting bitches if you’re reading this bit you clearly think you’re a beast) pick up some more dumbbells that are roughly about half the weight of what you’ve just been pressing.

Then with these, you want to be doing “incline fly’s” this is where you hold the dumbbells out in front of you whilst laid on the bench with a slight bend in your elbows. Then start bringing the dumbells down in a “fly” position making sure you keep your arms in the exact same position with that very slight bend at the elbows. These are awesome for giving your chest that ‘wider’ look and if you’re doing these right after a big set of 8-10 normal presses you should really be able to feel your muscle fibers tearing away.

Only after you’ve done the superset can you stand up then pull your vest down as far as you can so it shows a little more upper chest like your big time.

Decline Bench Press – Best Lower Chest Exercises

Best Lower Chest Exercises
picture source – Pinterest

Don’t usually see that many people doing this exercise but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be doing it! This is great for really working the lower part of your chest which will help you look like you’ve got those toned squared-off chesticles instead of tits!

Pretty much the same drill as the flat bench press, slow and controlled on the way down, and fire that bar back up with everything you have in you remembering to breathe in on the way down and out on the way up… you can even make that “isssssss” sound some people (and usually boxers/kickboxers) make but if you do remember that once you get up after your set everyone around you in their heads is thinking “you bellend you only have 20kg each side on that thing”

Cable Cross Over – Best Chest Building Exercises

best cable chest exercises

Here’s a nice little isolation exercise for you that I tend to leave to near the end of my sessions. Grab the cable machine and set the handles so that they’re right at the top. Stick it on again a comfortable weight for at least 8-10 reps with a good technique. You’ll really feel these little bad boys working your chest and tearing the fibers.

Start with your arms out to the side of you with a slight bend in your elbows again then bring them down holding that same position in your arms (don’t let your biceps get involved this isn’t their exercise let them wait their turn) and when your arms are down near the front of you just push that little further so that your hands cross over… makes you wonder where they got the name for this from really…


best exercises for mass

You all know the drill with this one, no pussy press-ups either, if you leave these to the end and you’ve hammered all the previous exercises properly you really shouldn’t be able to do that many of these in all honesty so don’t worry if you get in a position go down then don’t have it in you to push back up at least once… just pack your shit up and head to the changing rooms… you have my permission at this point to pack yourself on the back at this point.

If however for some reason you do have something left in the tank and you’re training with a partner I like to do something pretty fun and competitive which is where we both challenge each other who can do the most press-ups. We don’t go at the same time though, we take it in turns. This is I would say one of the best bodyweight chest exercises.

For example, I’ll do 1 press up then stop and rest on my knees. Then my partner will do 1 press up and stop. I’ll then do 2 press-ups then stop, he’ll go on to doing 2 press-ups then stop. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? yeah well, you wait till you get to the point where you need to be doing 10-15 after doing a session of all the above exercises and we’ll see!

So they’re you have it… go give that a blast next time and try these Best Chest Exercises for mass, let me know how you get on!

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