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Signs of Infertility in Men and Women – Causes of Infertility

Men Infertility

Men’s infertility could be generally encoded as “an inability to properly produce healthy sperm or because of a blockage that prevents sperm from joining the semen.” Rather than physical discomfort this disease mainly plays in the mind of the patient and most of the sufferer rarely gathers an amount of social courage to come out and admit about this inability even to a concerned person like a doctor. The catch point is to get over this embarrassment and that is why you should know more about this malady and always be properly kept informed. Here we will show you the signs of infertility in men and women.

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Details of Men Infertility

There are various forms and signs of men infertility and there could be several reasons behind this malady. A couple of male disorders could be well enumerated in this respect. One is retrograde ejaculation and the other is hypogonadism. These two disorders interfere with the male sexual physicality and hamper the capability to conceive. Antibodies like the Antisperm may prevent the sperms from growing if the body starts reacting negatively towards the sperms. Although this one is mainly and predominantly a female syndrome it may occur in men too. Another chief problem resulting in male infertility is the disorder of impotence. Erectile difficulties in short spans are nothing alarming but in case of prolonged erectile predicament, one must consult a doctor. This is because this could be a signal of a bigger health problem.

Cure of Male Infertility

It is better to refer to the new drug ConceptionXR as Male Fertility Supplement rather than a wholesome cure. But it is generally regarded as a positive answer to male infertility. The ConceptionXR is a course of therapy that enhances sperm utility, develops and restructures the sperm DNA eminence and thus it widens the chance of impregnation and successful sperm transfer. But it is ever so advisable to consult a fertility expert before going for treatments such as these.

Women Infertility

There could be several ailments behind the Female infertility syndrome. Similarly there could be various reasons behind the ailments. Nevertheless, a woman finds it very difficult to coup with a problem like Female infertility. It, or in other words motherhood, is only a natural drive and every woman is aware of her biological clock. Any derivations from this clock can lead in strenuous circumstances mentally and physically.

Chief Ailments of Female Infertility

PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a main cause of female infertility. A very low percentage of this ailments do ever get diagnosed simply because the symptoms are basically unrelated like acne, weight gain, absent or irregular periods. It can be detected through a series of blood tests but once diagnosed it could be easily healed by using hormone therapy.

Endometriosis affects women mostly in their mid 30’s and 40% of the affected women are to face conceiving problems. This happens when the “lining from uterus is found outside of the uterus”. This is the condition when ectopic pregnancy can take place. In other words the fertilized egg fails to land on the uterine lining zone. Ovulatory Disorders are due to irregular periods leading to a failure of ovulation. Stress, excessive weight loss, hormone imbalances or thyroid problems are probable side effects of this disease.

POF or Premature Ovarian Failure is due to lack and stoppage of menstrual cycle. This cannot be termed as a natural menopause as it can affect women well below 40. Uterine Factors includes uterine didelphys, uterine fibroids, and lack of a uterus or even the presence of scarred tissues in the uterus.

Multiple Miscarriages can also be termed as female infertility as they often comprise of fetus’ genetic defects, unusual hormone levels, problems with the cervix or uterus. LPD or Luteal Phase Defect can also be a chief cause of female infertility.

Solutions to Female Infertility

There are several means available to counter female infertility like fertility clinics, alternative medicines, yoga and various other treatments. But before availing any of the above mentioned one must first take a proper advice from doctor.

Signs of Infertility in Men and Women

When the sign of infertility in males and females is taken into account it should be remembered that it is a multi facial and multi factual syndrome. This is because the signs and symptoms of infertility vary from person to person and male to female. Apparently, there could be three broad causes of infertility. It has been shown that one-third of infertility is due to the female while another one third is due to the male and the last one-third is because of both male and female. But there are quite a percentage of reasons that cause infertility and these are induced by the environment.

Infertility Causes

Natural selection provokes infertility up to a certain degree. Exposure to radiation for a period of time and amount can lead to infertility. Addiction to drugs can also be a fatal factor.

Signs of Infertility In Men

The signs of male infertility include:

  • Retrograde ejaculation
  • Hypogonadism
  • Development of Antisperm antibodies within the body
  • Low Sperm count
  • Erectile difficulties or impotence.

Signs of Infertility in Women

The signs of infertility in women are greater and the simple reason is that the woman’s body is a much more sophisticated machine than that of the man’s. Another reason behind this is the fact that it is the woman who takes up all the responsibility of carrying the fetus for nine months and ultimately delivering it. This requires a lot of sustainability and any failure of this complex synchronization may lead to a failure to conceive or a miscarriage in the latter. Anyhow, all these failures can be enumerated as infertility.

These are the general signs of female infertility:

  • PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Endometriosis
  • Ovulatory Disorders
  • POF or Premature Ovarian Failure
  • Uterine Factors
  • Multiple Miscarriages
  • LPD or Luteal Phase Defect
  • Sperm factor, or the inability to recognize male sperm cells.

Apart from all these there are also an ailment called secondary infertility. This happens when the woman is already having children. She is not actually infertile in this case but her body is not responding any more to sperms.

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