What is Acne - Symptoms & Treatments

What is Acne – Symptoms & Treatments

Acne is not a skin disease rather it can rather be called a skin condition when the skin gets whiteheads or blackheads. In this condition, the skin gets red growth which is a normal language called pimples. The skin has small pores on the surface. There are pores all over the body and these pores have oil glands and hair follicles in them. These oil glands keep the skin oiled or lubricated and this helps the skin remove the old skin cells.

But sometimes these glands start giving out so much oil that it blocks the pores so the dirt and bacteria also get blocked and infection starts happening and growth starts getting noticed. This growth can have a black or whitehead and will be called Acne. Normally it is seen around the chest, face, back, neck, and sometimes on arms. If you want to simplify the definition of Acne you can say that the dead skin, bacteria, and oil when gets stuck into the pores it is called Acne.

Acne symptoms are normally seen among teenagers and even when kids are entering into adolescence period. In fact, most of the teenagers suffer from Acne at the beginning of their adolescence, and is common between boys and girls equally. But as it is seen the teenage boys suffer from it for a longer period of time. Sometimes Acne does not disappear as soon as expected.

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If you have Acne and are confused about whether what you have Acne or something else there are few symptoms you can use to judge it. There are some physical symptoms like the growth on the skin that might have some black or whitehead. If you feel a firm lump under your skin they are called Nodules; this might very well be a pimple or Acne. Many times the lump can be yellowish with some pus to it.

At other times this can have red spots and still, it can have pus to it and still called a pimple. Acne can be non -inflammatory too and the symptom of such acne would be a cyst with pus under the tissue that has the cyst. The pus, in this case, can be of a 5 mm in diameter. In this case, the symptoms can be pink skin that would itch and dry.

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There are a few steps you can take by yourself, to take care of your acne-prone skin. One major step you can take in this regard is to change your facial soap to some more moisturizing one. There are many of them available in the market.

They keep your skin moisturized which means less blockage and so less Acne too. But do not wash your skin too much since it can give it more oil. If your hair is oily try to keep them away from your facial skin especially. Do not squeeze or pick the red Acne. Do not use oily creams either.

If you cannot handle this way you might have to consult a dermatologist who will prescribe some medicines that will contain some benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. These elements kill the bacteria and dry the excessive oil from your skin and may make the skin peel.

  • More often than not the cause of acne in women is caused by hormones disturbance. In many other cases when women already have acne, they get worsened by the hormones. in such cases, there are many medications that can help set the hormones hence reduce or end the Acne too.
  • One of the most common medications is pill Spironolactone. Another of the options can be birth control pills. But using these pills you better keep in mind that the reaction can appear in the shape or a worse infection.
  • In addition, the Acne control medicine can cause some birth defects too. So you need to be very careful in the use of any medicine.
  • The best-recommended way to get rid of Acne would be prescribed medicine by the dermatologist. Sometimes dermatologists suggest chemical skin peel or cortisone injection in the cysts.
  • Drinking lots of water, making it a routine, can also help a lot to get rid of Acne.
  • All in all the medication or treatment should take place under the observation of a dermatologist, strictly, who will know all the pros and cons of the medicines he/she is prescribing.
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  1. I never knew that acne is a skin condition made out of your dead skin and bacteria combined. My best friend mentioned that there are weird blisters that started growing on her neck and arms lately. I’m going to search for a good acne treatment that could work for her vegan diet.

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