Gray Hair Treatment and Causes

Many components can contribute towards untimely hair turning gray, however, we’ll list the Gray hair treatment and the most well-known causes: Say Goodbye to Gray Hair: Hereditary Causes – If you have a background marked by untimely hair turning gray in the family it’s conceivable that you’ll begin seeing silver hairs soon also in light of […]

Color Meditation

The other name given for color meditation is chakra meditation. It deals with thinking about different chakras. In general, meditation is done by closing the eyes, and meditation focus on the mind which is the inner world. Meditation is also done with open eyes if you focus on the color beauty of the outer world. […]

Japanese Meditation

A popular type of Japanese meditation is called Zazen. This is the core of Zen meditation and focuses on deep thought and speculation. The sitting position is similar to that of Buddha who sat ruminating up to enlightenment. Zazen meditation is more than two thousand years old and initially came from India. The principles are […]

Buddhist Meditation

It includes a variety of meditation techniques that develop mindfulness, concentration, tranquility, and insight. Non-Buddhist uses these meditation techniques for pursuing physical and mental health whereas Buddhists use it as a part of the path toward enlightenment and nirvana. Buddhist meditation is meant to free oneself from the cluttered mind so as to attain a […]

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